January 2016

January 29, 2016

Your wedding is one of the most memorable events in your life. You want your ceremony space to have the look and feel of perfection. Choosing the right site and making sure everything is properly planned are two of the most important tasks when it comes to a beautifully flawless ceremony – we suggest a checklist.

Here are some of the most important elements to consider – and totally checklist approved.

  • Find the ceremony site and the officiant first.  
  • List ceremony décor elements you may need to rent (such as a huppah, chairs, stands for flowers or candelabras). Also, think of the elements you might have to buy (yarmulkes, unity candles, ring pillow, flower basket, something your guests can toss as you exit the ceremony, etc).
  • Research wedding traditions to see which ones are suitable and applicable for/to your love story. You don’t have to do everything “by the book.” Get creative and do what speaks to you.
  • Ask your officiant for a copy of his/her standard ceremony program and, if necessary, ask if you can make alterations to it. You want your ceremony to be specific to you.
  • Start writing your wedding vows early. These are the foundation of your marriage and should speak to who you are as a couple. Take your time; find inspiration through your experiences together, favorite songs or books and depth of your love. Write wedding vows that are genuine and meaningful!

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January 22, 2016

Your wedding budget: Rule #1 - create one (and stick to it).  

How to save big on your wedding? How to have a wonderful day without sacrificing future finances? Here are some ways to ensure you’re saving enough for your big day and beyond!

  • Choose seasonal flowers. Regardless of your favorite type of flower, you can rest assured that you can find something in-season that’s truly beautiful and that you’ll love. You don’t have to spend out of your budget on arrangements that are out-of-season.
  • Change the fabric for your dress. If you have your heart set on a designer wedding gown, but feel it would put a strain on your budget, choose a less expensive fabric alternative. Doing this can save you up to 35% off the original price of the dress!
  • Stick to elegant simplicity for wedding rings. Simple wedding bands are beautiful – and are as symbolic as more intricate designs! Tip: if you want to save even more, opt for silver wedding bands and “upgrade” to platinum on your first anniversary.

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January 15, 2016

From the outside looking in, wedding planning doesn’t seem so hard. The truth is that compiling the details of an event can be stressful. No matter how much you plan ahead or how well-organized you may be, unexpected issues can occur.

What are the most common wedding planning concerns? How do you face them with diplomacy and tact?

  • There will be tears: perhaps bursts out of nowhere, related to things you didn’t know you cared so much about. There will be tears of joy – like the moment you find your wedding dress and realize how life is going to change once you say “I Do”. Take these moments as they are and savor them all – the good, and the bad. It’s all part of the “package” and it’s wonderfully magical!
  • There will be unexpected expenses: from asking the DJ to stay a little longer to last-minute replacements in your bridal bouquet, plus one or two that pop up unannounced, these things can cost extra. Be sure to have a little extra money allotted for these requests.
  • There will be stress involved: regardless of whether you plan a big ballroom wedding or an intimate affair in your parents’ backyard, be prepared to handle everything with a clear mind and a good dose of optimism.  

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January 8, 2016

Your bridesmaids are among your favorite people and will be by your side on your big day. They help you plan and they walk down the aisle to prepare for your entrance. They are your best friends and your closest relatives.

Naturally, you want them to feel special too – endow them with beautiful bouquets.

How do you choose the PERFECT bridesmaids’  bouquet?

  • A good starting point is to visualize the flower arrangements used throughout the wedding. What type dominates the centerpieces and ceremony displays? Incorporate some of the same types in your bridesmaids’  bouquets.
  • The style of bridesmaids dress matters. Long dresses usually look best with slimmer, more elegant bouquets, while shorter dresses look better with fuller bouquets. The color of the dress should also complement the flowers used. Be careful with the size of the bouquet; you don’t want to take away from any detail in the bodice of the dress.   
  • Add a unique touch, such as a brooch or a special flower that symbolizes the relationship between you and each bridesmaid –  these make the bouquets more beautiful and unique!
  • Talk to your bridesmaids if you need help –  after all, they will be carrying the bouquets.


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Photo source: flickr.com/bruce.bentley

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