March 2018

March 25, 2018

So many choices! There's the Calla Lily. The rose. Sweet peas. Tulips. Lilies of the Valley...

For many, choosing flowers for your wedding (and the events surrounding your wedding) is one of those "I've always pictured..." aspects of the planning process.

While some aspects of wedding planning are a little more practical, not the flowers.

Do you go for the commonplace? The blast of color? Something unique ("Oh my, what are THOSE?")? Does the scented/unscented factor play a part?

When you meet with your florist -- you'll see some very good ones elsewhere on this web site -- talk about your floral dreams. And as always, your budget.

Ask if what's in-season (and thus, often less expensive) happens to coincide with your ever-since-I-was-a-little-kid vision.

The choices are immense...and that's a good thing. If you and your florist have a good rapport and make a good team, the flowers will be a memorable part of your Special Day. Have fun!

March 4, 2018

Yes, yes: a professional viedographer will cost money. But if you think your Uncle Pedro is going to do anywhere near as good a job as a pro, you'll be sadly disappointed. (And this is your WEDDING: there will be no do-over.)

Just think about this, and fast forward ten years. How cool will it be to HEAR you and your partner voices say your vows? And see the two of you be introduced for the first dance? And watch your friends and relatives dance the night away?

A pro will know about microphones. And where to shoot, what to shoot, how to edit and document your wedding, reception and the special moments Uncle Pedro will almost certainly not be able to handle.

Some great choice are HERE

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