July 2020

July 8, 2020

Well, we all know what havoc Covid-19 has wrought on so many things, like your impending wedding.

One of the good things? Your pets: they still love you, right? Hey, wait a minute, should we make our furry friend in the festivities?

Maybe they can be the ring bearer or flower girl. What could be cuter, assuming your little one is able to carry out their duties? Coupla thoughts before you make mister or ms doggie one of the stars on your special day.

  1. Is your venue cool with it. If so, be prepared that they may charge an extra fee (not that you should suggest such a thing!) or at least a damage deposit. So you’ll want to make sure your pet’s, ummm, business has been taken care of so they don’t, ummm, leave their mark.
  2. Do a dry run and make sure there are music and people and a fairly close-to-the-real-thing environment with several people are around. Let him sniff around a bit
  3. Take an honest look: is your dog aggressive? Loud? Overly-friendly? In other words cute, but mostly to you? If so, maybe you don’t include him or her. It’s your special day, and believe us, they’ll never know what they missed.
  4. Make sure no guests are allergic to dogs – an email or text should do the trick.
  5. Maybe assign someone to handle this important job so you can be you. (A good job for a good friend.) That’ll include water and food, pee-pee duty and of course, the main event. Then, post ceremony stuff (could be as simple as a cage).

Your pets are part of the family too, so if all those scary-sounding things you just read don’t dissuade you, cool! Plan ahead of time with your photographer for some great photo opps. And post one on our Facebook page!

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