June 2022

June 4, 2022
We spoke with Dustin Everhart, head guy at Dustin's Doves, about his unique craft.

Let's talk about love, shall we?

Everyone loves listening to song birds in the spring: bright red Northern Cardinals are one of my favorites Perhaps you've heard that they compete to find a new partner every year, kind of an exhausting way to live, right?

But doves? Very different. When a young dove matures, it will begin searching for its life long mate. I couldn't tell you how they choose each other, but once they do they will stay together until one of them dies.

In their lifetime together most will live a peaceful life. In the warm months they will lay eggs and raise babies, taking turns sitting on their eggs and feeding the babies. In the cool months they often travel: many migrate hundreds of miles, but they always do it together. They do everything together!


Many couples like to release doves at their wedding to symbolize their commitment to a life-long, well-balanced marriage.  And like other wonderful wedding moments, you have options.

Some people like to hold them before the release. Some prefer to release them from a decorative box or cage. Either way, you and your guests will love it: they (the doves, not your guests) will soar gracefully skyward, into the sunset.


But their journey doesn’t end there.  The white doves are actually homing pigeons, a special bird with the unique ability to find their way home—even from somewhere they have never been.

Of course, it still takes months of training and practice here at Dustin's Doves before they can come home from great distances. Like anyone after a day filled with wedding festivities, the doves need rest too. So, they’ll settle into their pigeon loft where they wait for their next wedding.

Would you like to have a dove release at your wedding? Here's how to learn more...

336-479-7486  --  dustinsdoves.com.

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