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Fuel the Fire - Know how your food is cooked.

Fire is the fundamental heart of cooking – live fire grilling, smoking and roasting. The magic is in the fuel: seasoned wood, charcoal, or a specially crafted combination of both. We source our fuel from different regions of the US and Mexico. Pecan comes from Georgia, Hickory from Tennessee, Post Oak from Texas, and California Oak from Ramona. Mesquite charcoal comes from Mexico, Oak Charcoal comes from Utah and Grapevine comes from our many local wineries.

At CowgirlQ, we are passionate about the art of all BBQ. Our adventurous culinary team specialties include traditional and global cuisine, and they are always in search of the ultimate flavor. Our custom portable grills with built-in ovens and our Southern Pride smoker can hold up to 1,000 pounds of brisket, ribs, chicken, and pork. Fish, vegetables, steaks, burgers – we prepare it all fresh on site and add our own unique twist on flavors. Whole hogs and butcher-quality cuts of meat are prepared in our mobile rotisserie smoker where guests can enjoy the process.

We can cook just about anywhere – it’s your choice if you want your guests to witness the magic or have it delivered. Our menus are crafted with love, and we offer full-service catering with onsite presentation grilling, as well as delivery.

To take your event from ordinary to extraordinary, call CowgirlQ.


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