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100% NATURAL – Our exfoliating material is made from a unique plant fiber with a texture that becomes amplified in water, creating gentle yet powerful results. Simply soak well and exfoliate – no products or harsh chemicals required!

SUPER EFFECTIVE – Take it from more than 50,000 happy customer reviews! Get amazing results in the comfort of your home. Our line of deep-exfoliating products are designed to unclog pores, improve product absorption, prep and remove spray tans, prevent ingrown hairs, and increase circulation for radiantly soft skin.

REUSABLE – All of our reusable exfoliating products make the perfect addition to any skincare regime. Just hand-wash and hang dry to experience the same luxurious at-home spa results again and again.

Show your skin some love. Exfoliate + Glow with Seraphic Skincare!


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