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Strike A Pose POD owner, Jason Josafat, is a former Audio/Video Tech at Seau's Restaurant in the late 90's and early 2000's. He helped manage and maintain the sporting atmosphere of a high energy venue that influenced popular national Sports Restaurants, alike, that you see today.

Today, Jason brings you Strike a Pose POD. Established in September of 2021. Similar to Seau's Restaurant, the goal is to provide an amazing experience that'll help set the bar in the Photo Booth Industry. In order to achieve that goal, Jason turned to Tu Le, founder of the Award Winning photo booth manufacturer, Fotopod. His patented designs are innovative, helping change the world of photo booth from a square wooden box with drapes, to a modern Inflatable Soft Box with Powerful Bright 8k RGB Lighting, yes, he is the Original Innovator of the Patented Soft Box Inflatable.

Strike a Pose POD now has 4 Award winning photo booth set ups by Fotopod. We are proud to showcase these high powered photo booths, of your choice, for your next event. Because in the end, these are what Photo booths should be, "Amazing"

All Photo Booth Units have been Designed and Engineered by the creators of Disney, Sony, and Lucas Films.


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