Tips for Brides

What our shows can do for Brides:

If you are getting married, the value of attending a bridal show is to visit with lots of wedding professionals face to face in one location, as a one-stop wedding planning experience. This way you can have a good feel about the person to know if you want to utilize their products or services in planning your special day.

  1. As you register for receiving information from those companies at the show keep the following in mind. If you stay opted in, you can receive some good information from many of the companies including wedding planning tips and specials that they have coming up!
  2. Being able to meet with companies face-to-face gives you a chance to get to know them.
    1. Bring to the show a list of your main priorities and focus on those to maximize your time. Planning your priorities there at the show can help reduce the stress of the complete process of your wedding.
    2. Wear comfortable shoes, take your time, relax, and have fun!
    3. Look at different ideas and colors and samples to determine what you want. Ask questions and get as much information as you can.
    4. If possible, bring someone with you to help take notes and gather ideas and literature for you.
  3. Go down each aisle so you don't miss anything.
    1. Have your calendar with you for setting up appointments.
    2. Book deposits with those companies immediately that you feel good about. Your date may or may not still be available with them after the show. Take advantage of the "show specials".
  4. Even after you wedding, it is a good idea to stay in touch with these companies for planning future parties and other special life events.