Michael Roos, True DJ's of Dallas at 4:51pm Sunday afternoon (July 26, 2020) of the Dallas Bridal Show & Trade

"I wanna give some props to Naomi Butler for how the Bridal Show was handled this weekend. I'll be the first to admit I thought about pulling out. I was nervous. I have no desire to be around a ton of people right now. But Naomi and her team made it the best possible experience ever. I actually got more one on one time with potential clients but more importantly I felt safe. Social distancing. Temperature checks. Required masks. And the clients that came got it. Those are the ones I want. Thank you Naomi for being awesome and finding ways to help our industry keep going in these weird times. I love you and All of your staff."

Joche Westmoreland, Joche W. Events:

"I have participated in Bridal Shows Inc.'s shows for the past 9 years and have always been impressed with their professionalism and their passion for what they do. As an event planner myself, I am familiar with the challenges they face and know that they work so hard to accommodate and organize hundreds of vendors and thousands of attendees when we are under normal circumstances. There were so many questions and unknowns for the future of weddings and events that came up as we entered the pandemic this spring and so many companies rely on the the bridal shows to keep their businesses successful. Upon hearing that Bridal Shows Inc. would be producing their annual show at Market Hall this past July, I knew we would be entering into many more unknowns. Personally knowing the owner of Bridal Shows Inc., Naomi Butler, I knew that she would never put on a trade show without absolute confidence in her team's (and vendors') abilities and cooperation to create a safe, sanitized, and comfortable environment for all parties. Of course there is substantial financial risk for her company at stake when orchestrating such a large event, not knowing how many vendors will participate and how many brides will attend, and I admire her bravery and her compassion, determination to create a newly-modeled, successful show with complete compliance to the rules/laws the new world we are living in has set upon us. Stating that she exceeded my expectations for safety as well as promotion of the show would be an understatement. They spared no expense in labor nor materials to have a wonderful, first post-pandemic bridal show that was superbly arranged and, from what I feel, had a great level of attendance. I am so happy that we made the decision to participate in the show and have already booked the next upcoming shows."

Bob Gechter, Hollow Hill Event Center:

"I was so happy to be able to keep my plans to exhibit at the Dallas Bridal Show in July. Bridal Shows Inc. was able to provide a safe and professional environment for attendees and exhibitors. My team and I enjoyed our experience the whole weekend. As always, I've followed through with my leads and gained new business directly from the show. I love being part of the best wedding show in Texas."

Rafael Serrano Photography Team:

"I know in these times we are living is hard to take a decision to invest in different shows and marketing to showcase we are still working hard to keep our business in a great shape. But going to the Dallas Bridal Show was one of the best decisions, we met brides and helped them along their journey in the safest way you can imagine, for sure the people of the Bridal Shows Inc made the impossible to keep brides, their families and vendors safe, controlling the entrance and keeping the distance, we still had the chance to talk with a lot of potential clients and even booked some weddings.

We are so thankful for the Bridal Show Team to help everyone to keep their business and help all the brides to find the best vendors in the same place!"

Radu-The Violin Guy & Trade

I am Radu "The Violin Guy", a local Dallas musician and DJ providing wedding and event music services in the Dallas -Ft Worth area as well as nation wide. I have been exhibiting with the Dallas Bridal Show ( Bridal Shows Inc ) since 2007 and have seen my business grow over night due to the leads and clients that I met at the show. From talking directly with brides to connecting with event planners and networking with industry professionals, this show has really made its mark and convinced me to renew year after year.

As I was expanding my business and I was performing more and more nationwide, I started looking into the same type of advertising in other states and cities across US, only to realize how precious and fragile our wedding market is in Dallas. Everywhere else I went I have come across the situation of clients not being interested into booking the vendors at the show because they have already booked all they needed at other bridal shows before. The amount of shows per weekend in these cities was so high, that it result in a low number of brides attending a bridal show, and even fewer actually looking to book a vendor. Most of the times it was just a fun activity. This led to wedding vendors spending a hefty amount of money on the space advertised in the booth with no leads and no success. Time was consumed for all the vendors, money was spent and more - we as vendors realized soon enough that the bridal shows done there were done as a business and profit from the VENDORS, and not to bring clients to the vendors as it should be , and the primary reason why vendors were attending the show in the first place - to meet clients. My conclusion is that the higher the number of bridal shows, the less the result of actual potential clients for the vendors. Less is more.

Dallas Bridal show has been the leader in the Dallas' wedding industry for 25 years for the main reason that it brought the best of the vendors to the clients, and the right amount of clients to the vendors. There has never been a "slow" show for anyone, because DBS has targeted correctly and professionally towards both the client and the vendor. I as a wedding vendor do not encourage any other "small" bridal shows in the city, because the real results will only come from a professional bridal show, well organized, well targeted and most of all - popular and well advertised in the city. You can't go watch a show no one has heard of and expect to sell to thousands. Keeping a small but well defined number of bridal shows in Dallas will serve the vendors and the clients better, because you can find everything you need in one place. And with Dallas Bridal Show serving all the major areas in Ft Worth, Plano, Irving & Allen there is no doubt everyone will stay in business, as well as find the perfect vendor in one place.

Lauren Modica-Event Specialist, The Milestone

We highly recommend the Bridal Shows Inc. Bridal Shows. This is the first time our business has attended Bridal Shows and Naomi and her team made the process as smooth and beneficial as possible. We have attended the Plano and Dallas Bridal Shows.

Prior to the Plano Bridal Show we attended the Exhibitor 101 seminar. The seminar provided valuable tips about booth layout, inquiry forms, and how to follow up on leads. The Plano Bridal Show was beneficial. It allowed us to network with many vendors and we booked a few weddings through the show. After the Bridal Show, we noticed that it was becoming hard to connect with the Brides to continue the momentum. Naomi took time out of her schedule to meet with us. She went over recommendations for making our inquiry slips and conversations more personal during the Dallas Bridal Show. Based on our meeting, we also promoted and scheduled an open house for Bridal Show Brides the week after the show to give them a chance to tour the venue, take advantage of our Bridal Show booking incentives, and win some door prizes. This was a huge success and we more than doubled our bookings from the Plano Bridal Show.

We would recommend attending the Exhibitor 101 seminar as a new Bridal Show vendor and using your resources to obtain feedback and continue to get better for future Bridal Show participation.

Jeff Christenson-Jay Fox Productions

Dear Naomi; My name is Jeff Christenson of Jay Fox Productions. I have been a Wedding DJ for over 30 years now and am very passionate about making sure that the evening goes perfectly.

Never in over 30 years have I advertised, always got my business by word of mouth. Until this year when I finally decided to take part in the Dallas Bridal Show. Upon leaving the show I had booked 2 wedding receptions during the show. Then in the following TWO WEEKS, I booked 17 weddings total. How can I thank you for the remarkable opportunity you provide? At one point I had 4 brides waiting in line to talk with me at the show. How could I have EVER expected that Kind of reaction?

My Thanks to Naomi, Maureen and Ruthie for all your encouragement and support. As soon as I can, I will be signing up for another Bridal Show with you.

Jeff Christenson-Jay Fox Productions

Naomi! Just wanted to drop you a note to highlight the fact that once a vendor does a Dallas Bridal Show and the season passes, doesn't mean that the effectiveness of the show hasn't diminished in the least! January 2012 I reported to you that I had signed 16 Wedding Receptions. Since that time, Bride after Bride approaches me to let me know that they saw me at the Jan Bridal Show and want to hire me. I am now officially up to 20 Wedding Receptions off that ONE show. Proving again there is ALWAYS business from the Dallas Bridal Show!!!!

Randy Roberson-Randy Ro Entertainment, MC/DJs Videography Lighting Photobooth Draping

Just wanted to thank Naomi and everyone at the Dallas Bridal Show for the most amazing January show ever! This is our 5th consecutive year and we couldn't be happier with the amount of traffic through and in front of our booth!

Kelli Franklin-Certified Airbrush Makeup Artist - Making Faces with Kelli

I am a small business, but it has grown immensely from two things: the Plano Bridal Show and referrals. They say that the first five years of a business is its most difficult, but that difficulty has not shown yet, due to the Plano Bridal Show. At the Show, I am able to represent my business which allows future brides the ability to speak one-on-one with me, see my portfolio close-up, and ask any questions about my services. I a m greatly appreciative of the opportunity to represent my business in such an awesome way. Thank you Plano Bridal Show.

Rick Reid-Elite Valet Inc.

Maureen, Just wanted to follow up with you about how great the Fort Worth Bridal Show was! I've got a ton of cards and made some fantastic face-to-face contacts. We're excited about doing the upcoming show in Plano and many more of your future events. I would love to start a discussion on how we can be the official Valet, and maybe transportation company, for some of those upcoming shows. We would love to throw our name in the hat! Thanks you again for all your help and support!

Christopher M. Harmon, Jr.-CEO/Videographer/Editor

I made all of my money back from the Dallas Bridal Show and more! And still have people interested in our video work! We have been working those leads and it's paying off. Thank you so much and I look forward to the July Show!

Jim Rode-Jim Rode Photographer

Hi Naomi, I want you to know that I thought your bridal show was a first-class operation! You exceeded my expectations.

Michele Benum Sparks-Texas Toffee

My experience with the Bridal Shows, Inc. has been absolutely wonderful. The people who manage the shows are helpful, thorough and informative. They always go the extra mile to make my exhibiting with them a pleasurable event. But most importantly, the results! Having a good product or service is important, but it is just as important to have a strong venue to promote our product. The bridal shows are just that…my best window to the bridal market.

Jeff Christenson-Jay Fox Productions

Naomi; I just have to tell you what a blessing you are to this industry. Your Exhibiting 101 Seminar is spot on with such valuable information. Vendors are doing themselves a disservice if they don't take ONE day off to take your seminar. The Secrets to Success are sometimes so obvious, people miss them. You spell it all out. After taking your seminar, I put into place the steps of "Working your Leads" - I didn't even have to "think" about it anymore. It was all spelled out and I just did what you instructed. I am here to let everyone know...IT WORKS! Thank you for your commitment and passion for this industry.

Jason Brown-Dream Driven Media LLC

Bridal Shows, Inc. has been and continues to be a vital part of our marketing plan.¬ We are excited to tell you that we have booked 75% of our business from the Dallas Bridal Show, and are expanding into your Plano Bridal Show.¬ Thank you so much for your support!

Tracey Schwartz-Stella and Dot

The Dallas Bridal Show was the best event we have done in our 5 years of doing business. We had great results and will be registering for all of your upcoming shows!

Courtney Long-Chi Ro Makeup & Hair

Hi Naomi! Again I want to thank you for hosting such an amazing trade-show for all of the amazing Dallas, wedding vendors!

We are a Christian Based company with Chi Ro being the first letter of Christ in Greek! I made a promise to God a long time ago that when I founded my Company that I would always represent Him in a way that would Glorify His word and Bring more people ¬ to Christ! I am completely confident in saying that the Show you run is 100% the smartest business decision I have made in my 15+ years as a makeup artist. The ¬ quality of the show & the professionalism of your entire staff far surpassed my expectations. When I got home this evening after two fabulous days at your show I immediately thought of the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 That says... I have a plan for you, declares the Lord! Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future! ¬ You provide that for people and that is just such an amazing Gift!

Many blessing to you in 2015 and we will definitely be doing your show for many years to come!