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    Perspective Art Studio

    (774) 331-9996 Serving San Diego Couples  
    Imagine stepping into a wedding, not just as a guest but as a vital part of capturing the day's beauty and emotion. As a live guest illustrator, I am tasked with an extraordinary role: to observe, capture, and immortalize the essence of your wedding day through art. The process begins by capturing couples and friends through a reference photo. This snapshot serves not just as a visual cue but as a key to unlocking the deeper narrative woven into the fabric of your day. With my palette ready and my canvas awaiting, I then transition to painting live, allowing the colors and strokes to dance together, bringing to life a unique and personal rendition of the guests before me. This isn't just art; it's a memory, a piece of the day that guests and loved ones can hold onto forever. Offering this service at your wedding adds a layer of intimacy and creativity, ensuring that the moments cherished by your guests are not only remembered but are beautifully immortalized. This personalized touch elevates the experience, making your wedding truly unforgettable and leaving a lasting impression and a gift for each of your guests.