March 2020

March 26, 2020

No couple ever wants to delay their wedding, but couples who have gone through months arranging spring and early summer weddings presently face unfortunate decisions due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is at present limiting social events and travel. This is not an easy time for anyone as everything seems to be up in the air so the following are a few important steps to changing your wedding date as seamless as possible.


Stop Custom Orders

Most vendors fulfilling custom orders such as invites and parting gifts locally are well aware the threat the Corona virus and making and will more than likely reach out to you as soon as they can however if they have not you should touch base and immediately temporarily stop the creation of any personalized detailings. Make sure to let them know that you will get back with them with more details as soon as possible. Unfortunately, yours is probably not the only call they will be receiving so this won’t come as a surprise. Don’t forget to touch base with your seamstress who may be altering your dress as well!


Set a New Date

This will take a lot of flexibility, but you will have to reschedule the entire wedding and reception. Just like previously mentioned most venues are being forced to shut down by state and federal law so they will be reaching out to you but its good to take the reins and begin the process if you haven’t heard from them. This time around it is essential to be available to Fridays, Sundays if you are planning later in the year as finding a date will not be as easy. While it is uncertain when exactly this pandemic will become less of a threat setting a date in later summer 2020 and beyond is suggested.


Touching Base with Vendors

If you do manage to secure a date you will have to reach out to your vendors again. This may not be an immediate check on your to-do list as most vendors who are not essential may be temporarily unavailable. Try not to panic and give them time. Once everything is up and running again they will be swamped with questions from soon to be brides. Once you do make contact you may need to check to see if they are available at your new scheduled date. Most flower vendors, rental organizations, cake shops, and lighting organizers can deal with numerous occasions around the same time, however in the event that there's a vendor who can’t make that time frame a discussion on how to proceed will need to be had quickly. 


Keep a Record

As you limited down your new date with your venue date and different merchants, affirm the adjustments are recorded as a hard copy. Promptly request an agreement addendum or other assurance recorded as a hard copy that they are holding the date for you. Just like your first go around, contracts are essential. This will help you keep everything in line for any potential changes or new vendor searches that will need to commence as soon as possible. 


Inform Your Guests

Many couples had been receiving questions and concerns from their guests long before official orders had been sent down by the state, so it is of no surprise that informing your guests of any changes is just as important. The best course of action is send a fast email to loved ones to keep them on top of things, posting to your wedding website is also important. If you already have a new date set up you can also use this as a sort of new ‘save-the-date’. When you have another date affirmed, you can send new invitations, or the original batch altered depending on how far along you were in the planning. 


Send your Checks

Delaying your celebration usually means putting off the official due date for your final payments, but it is still polite and suggested to stick to the original payment plan out of respect to the vendor. This is a trying time for everyone including small businesses. Most floral vendors, rental companies, linen rentals, have had to let staff go due to state issued laws or due to a significant lack in income, despite this these companies still have a very large overhead cost. If possible sticking to the original plan is suggested, if you can’t meet this due to your own lack of income be sure to talk to your vendors during your initial follow up.

Changing everything that was already planned is frustrating but remember your guests will understand and it’s for the safety of your loved ones especially those who are most susceptible to this virus like the elderly. Work with your vendors to see what is and is not possible once social distancing is no longer a key concern and make sure to be mindful of local ordinances and suggestions by health professionals.

Stay Safe.

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