July 2019

July 11, 2019

Planning your wedding can be fun but very overwhelming when it comes to options and choices. Depending on who you ask everyone has an opinion on where you should save and where you should be willing to spend a little more. I personally feel more should be put into the areas where your guests will be more involved as that will be the most rememberable. The wedding cake tasting is definitely one of the best areas when it comes to arranging a wedding. Who wouldn't love an hour of tasty sweets, right? While tempting your taste buds can be fun, choosing what cake please most of you visitors will appreciate can be an overwhelming objective. 

There are three key elements to remember when picking your cake enhance: region, season, and time. The fresher is completely better. Its a well-known fact that specific ingredients stand up better in hotter atmospheres. A citrus or pomegranate injected cake in Florida or Louisiana with privately sourced natural product may offer a more grounded flavor profile than a cake of a similar kind made in Ohio where those organic products are not typically found. 

Delicious strawberries and cream cake is in every case best in summer in light of the fact that the berries stand up better against heat and are a much more common flavor. Utilizing these sort of flavor profiles while they are in season, decreases the need to include additional sugar and fake flavorings while saving you money! Wrapping your cake with fondant or enrobing it in ganache incredibly lengthens the life span of your cake especially when its sitting out for an extended period. On the off chance that your gathering is in a setting without cooling, for example, you will need to think about how your cake will hold up to the heat. Fragile whipped cream or light Swiss meringue buttercream could begin to melt off the sides of your cake before its time to cut it.

While the couples ought to keep their favorite flavors in mind they should never lock themselves down without trying a full range of flavors. Talk to your professional about what is not only popular for the season but when will work well with your location, temperature and palette. When you set up a meeting, experiment and try some of the combinations below.

Summer Berry Torte- French vanilla cake layered with blended berry compote. Topped with white chocolate ganache. 

Lemon Vanilla Torte- Lemon imbued French vanilla cake, layered with lemon curd and vanilla lemon buttercream. 

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle- Moist chocolate cake brushed with Chambord alcohol, layered with raspberry jam. Enrobed in dim chocolate ganache. 

Ocean Salt Carmel- Rich spread cake implanted with amaretto. Topped with ocean salt caramel icing. 

Spiked Red Velvet- Moist whiskey injected red velvet cake layered with creamy and soft buttercream. Enrobed in white chocolate ganache. 

Exemplary Pumpkin Spice-Moist pumpkin flavor cake brushed with baileys alcohol and layered with cinnamon maple buttercream.

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