May 2019

May 8, 2019

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of the hottest products right now so it’s no surprise the latest trend is CBD-themed events. According to People Magazine , Kim Kardashian is even planning a CBD-infused baby shower for her newest arrival because she’s “obsessed with everything CBD.”

If you’re interested in how you can work CBD into your wedding without breaking the bank, a simple and affordable idea is handing out CBD-infused wedding favors. After a night on the dance floor and one too many flutes of champagne, guests will be grateful for the all-natural benefits of CBD oil.

CBD can help with everything from pain and anxiety to lack of sleep, and the best part is it gives you all the benefits of cannabis without the high. It works by activating receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for regulating bodily systems and keeping everything balanced.

So if you’re planning a wedding and looking for a trendy touch, consider giving these CBD wedding favor ideas a try!

1. Baked Goods

What better way to end the night than with a freshly-baked, gooey, CBD-infused brownie? Individually wrapped and displayed on a table by the door, CBD baked goods will help your guests end the night on a sweet note. If you enjoy baking, consider making your own CBD-baked goods. It’s a good way to save money so you can have more to spend on the dress! Not to mention, guests will appreciate the homemade touch.

2. Infused Tea

Personalize a mug or tea tin with you and your sweetheart’s initials, and then fill with CBD-infused tea leaves! The calming properties in CBD combine with soothing teas like Chamomile or Peppermint, helping your friends and family sleep through the night.

Once the tea is gone, guests will have a commemorative mug or tea tin to remind them of your special day every time they use it. You can even include a handwritten tag with information on CBD and brewing instructions. This is an affordable and easy DIY wedding favor that everybody will appreciate.

3. Bath Bombs & Soaps

Other great options for CBD wedding favors are bath bombs, soaps, and other CBD skincare products. You can even make your own if you’re feeling crafty, and this wedding favor pairs perfectly with a rustic and casual wedding reception.

Topicals like soaps and bath bombs are good ways to introduce CBD oil to guests who may be unfamiliar with it. A bar of CBD soap is less intimidating for first-time tryers, while bath bombs offer a unique luxurious experience to help your guests soak up all the benefits of CBD.

4. Candies & Confections

Candy or chocolate is a classic, time-tested wedding favor that’s sure to please everyone – so take it up a notch by adding some CBD oil! Giving out CBD chocolate bars or gummies is sure to be a hit and doesn’t break the bank either.

While you could make your own candies or chocolates, there’s no need to with the vast array of companies already specializing in CBD sweets. Personalize your treats with customized wrappers, boxes, or bags. And if you’re going for a more casual, carefree vibe, gourmet CBD marshmallows and cotton candy make for fun party favors.

5. Cocktails

This one’s not exactly a wedding favor, but a hot new trend is CBD-infused cocktails. If you’re going to have an open bar, consider a toast with a one-of-a-kind CBD cocktail. New York-based bartender, Johnny Swet, explains
that for CBD cocktails , he “lean(s) towards spirits with stronger flavors like mezcal, tequila, or bourbon.”

CBD’s natural stress and pain relieving properties can help get the party started on a good note. And to keep the theme going, you could even serve up some CBD hors d'oeuvres. Just make sure all CBD-infused beverages and food is clearly labeled so guests are aware of what they’re consuming.

Other Creative Ways to Work CBD into Your Wedding

If you’re looking to create a unique experience for your guests, CBD wedding favors are a fun and easy way to do that. And there are endless ways you can incorporate CBD into your big day, it doesn’t have to be limited to the favors.

Consider providing members of the wedding party with personal CBD rescue kits they can use over the course of the day. You can also serve a CBD-themed rehearsal dinner to help everyone relax a little the night before, then start the day in style by having a big, celebratory brunch with CBD mimosas and bloody marys.

You can work CBD into just about every aspect of your wedding – and life – just be clever and creative! It can be the thing that takes your big day from basic and boring to special and spectacular!

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