"This is the best show if you want to get in contact with the serious Bride, not one looking for free cake and little meatballs. Trust me, I have been in shows for the last thirty five years and Sal gives you the most for your marketing dollar. Sal works out all of the details making sure that you see as many brides as possible.

Our investment in the show was small compared to the weddings that we booked, and I am talking about high end weddings, not the budget bride trying to seek the CHEAPEST price in town. We contracted two destination weddings that that brought the studio a $ 9500.00. Also, other local weddings that were booked brought an additional $ 18,000.00.
Not bad for the price of the show.

What do you want next year?, read on and I'll tell you...MORE MONEY!

Now call Sal and book your space."

John F. Richnavsky
Moods Image Photography and Video

"After 2 years of running a high end custom cake business I decided to participate in several bridal shows. The 1st show was at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. I could not believe the amount of brides I met and quality leads I received! I literally made a 100% return on my investment!

After such a huge success I jumped at the opportunity to participate in another show at the Monroeville Convention Center, coordinated by one of your competitors. What a letdown! I spent more time talking to my assistant than brides due to the overwhelming lack of attendance. That show did not draw the same caliber of clientele that my business relies on.

It's clear that you make the investment in your shows through advertising and marketing. I'm excited to be participating in your Boutique Bridal Show this November because I know that you will deliver the clientele that I need to continue to run a successful, high end cakes business!"

Cathy Burnheimer
Owner/Cake Artist
Cathy's Custom Cakes

"The Pittsburgh Bridal Showcase is the place to be! If you're a vendor and on the fence about attending, I can tell you that I've seen a sharp increase in business since this show. Some of the other shows in the area try to get PEOPLE to attend their shows; but the Bridal Showcase tries to get ENGAGED PEOPLE to attend.... there's a big difference. Would you rather talk to someone who's after a celebrity autograph or someone planning their wedding?

Honestly, I spoke to more potential clients in the first 20 minutes at the Showcase than I did the entire time at another bridal show that we did. Your experience may be different, but that's been mine."

Dean McAfee
Owner & Head DJ
Pittsburgh DJ Company

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