September 2018

September 7, 2018
All About The Groom: Boho Style

Boho Wedding Vibes

Marina Village Conference Center

"Boho" has been a trending word for the last few years, but in all reality, boho just means a free and flowy style. For women, it means casual, loose clothing that is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s.  For mean, it's a bit more about color/pattern, fabric choices and fit. 

We believe people are drawn to "boho" because it gives them more freedom and flexibility to express their personal style. Quite a few fashion choices are thrown into the boho category for lack of a better "place". 

So, if this fits YOUR wedding day, know this... "All rules are off! The men’s attire can vary greatly, but the Groom most often wants to dress in such a way to honor his beautiful bride on their wedding day. This would often translate to a British Tan or Navy Blue Wedding Suit. Consider using a tweed vest and tie to create that rustic, layered look." 

Thanks to the team at Savvi Formalwear for weighing in on this popular groom's style choice! 

Marina Village Conference Center

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