September 2018

September 6, 2018
All About The Groom: Classic Looks

Classic Groomswear Choices for Minnesota Wedding Day

Marina Village Conference Center

The one thing that will always be in style for your wedding can't be seen- it has to be felt. Your love with your partner is what the big day is all about. BUT, if you want to look back on the big day with fond memories and great "forever awesome" photos, the choice for a timeless, classic wedding can't be denied. 

However, there is still room in the "classic" category for modern updates that WILL make you feel like your wedding was part of this century (but won't make you cringe in 50 years. Ehhem, we're looking at you ruffled shirts). 

A classic wedding can still provide an updated and contemporary options for the men in your party.  “Classic” calls for a black notch tuxedo in either modern or slim fit. Complimented by neutral accessories and a classic hand-knotted bow tie. The men should all match one another, with the exception of the groom selecting accessories to compliment his bride’s gown.

We love all of the examples below, provided by Savvi Formalwear! You can see many of the most classic and modern options up close and personal at The Wedding Fair's Fashion Show (which is included with your ticket purchase, #winning)! 

Marina Village Conference Center men's black tux timeless groomswear choices classic attire for the groom classic groomswear

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