September 2018

September 11, 2018
All About The Groom: How to Prepare for Your Menswear Appointment

Planning for a Consultation for Men’s Attire

There are a ton of resources out there to help women prepare for the big day, but the pickings are slim for the groom! In order to help you better prepare for the menswear consultation, we sat down with Savvi Formalwear to get a few tips to ensure your appointment is successful! 

  • Discuss with your fiancÚ the overall look of your wedding.  Are there certain colors that you are interested in incorporating?  Is there a level of formality or theme that you are interested in accomplishing?

  • Are you interested in tuxedos or tailored suits?  Are you interested in renting or purchasing these ensembles?  Your specialist will be happy to walk you through your options, explaining the differences between a tuxedo and suit options.

  • Discuss the wedding party; who is the Best man? The Groomsmen?  Ushers?

  • Will the dads and grandfathers be dressed to complement the wedding party?

  • It is best to visit your specialist for a minimum of 90-days prior to your wedding.  This will allow time for a “Free-view,” in case you would like to see yourself in the ensemble you selected prior to making a final decision.

  • Your Wedding Registration includes the names and addresses of both partners, the names of those standing up in the wedding and the styles you have selected for the entire group.

  • It is recommended that the members of your party begin getting fitted as soon as you have completed a wedding registration.  You definitely want everyone fitted no less than 30-days prior to your wedding.

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