April 2018

April 23, 2018

Perhaps you are deciding to forgo a wedding planner and a day of coordinator. Not my first suggestion but I totally support you. I support you reading this blog post, taking notes, and then implementing these expert wedding planning tips so you can be the star of your well planned (and well-executed) day.

30 Expert Wedding Planning Tips

  1. Start with setting a budget.
  2. Splurge on what’s most important to you.
  3. Think about your wedding guests and their experience.
  4. Have an inclement weather plan: tents, umbrellas, fans.
  5. Pay your vendors before your wedding day.
  6. Double check driving directions for traffic, road construction or road closures.
  7. Start with ten room blocks at one hotel and then add more when there’s a need to add more.
  8. Set a schedule for hair and makeup and communicate it to your gals.
  9. Pack your morning stuff up before you start pictures.
  10. Put someone else in charge of the schedule.
  11. Pee before you get dressed.
  12. Create a family photo list.
  13. Assign a family friend to be in charge of that family photo list.
  14. Hide away as soon as guests start arriving early, makes the moment more special.
  15. Pick ushers who are extroverted.
  16. Thank your parents.
  17. Thank your bridal party.
  18. Write down your thank you speeches.
  19. Tell toasters their toasting order.
  20. Don’t be afraid to only serve champagne at the head table.
  21. Have a plan for the bouquet vases.
  22. Buffer your timeline with extra time.
  23. Don’t make last minute changes.
  24. Don’t save DIY for last minute.
  25. Plan for snacks.
  26. Opt for comfortable shoes.
  27. Stay hydrated.
  28. Assign a safe car for your wedding gifts.
  29. Plan for leftover desserts, like if there are leftovers how do they get to your fridge at home?
  30. Have the shuttle run until the end of the night.

You got this, and I know you’ll plan the perfect wedding day. You’ll think of all the little details and you’ll hand over control on the day of. Need more help? Keep reading this blog series for more wedding planning tips.

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


April 16, 2018

It’s the morning of your wedding, and you couldn’t be more excited. As evidenced by the lack of sleep you got but the fact that you still feel like one million dollars. I’m excited for you. Like big time, but I want to make sure that you and yours have a great morning, one filled with laughter, some champs, and plenty of time.

Here are nine ways to make getting ready for your wedding fun:

  1. Champagne toasts. Opt for mimosas and kill two birds with one stone, nutritious and delicious.
  2. Open gifts. Show your gals, your moms, and your flower girls how much you appreciate their time, their love and support by giving them a little gift. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive; they don’t even need to be matching, just a little token of how lucky you feel to have them in your life.
  3. Get ready in a room with space. What’s a bigger buzzkill than having to pay bills on your wedding day? A room that doesn’t fit your bridal party. ‘Where’s Sarah, can someone find Sarah?’ ‘It’s in my bag...in the other room...no the other room..."
  4. Healthy breakfast.In order to get after your day and have a fun morning, you need fuel. Start with a breakfast other than pop tarts and start your day right.
  5. Personalized notions. Think in terms of robes or shirts, slippers or mugs. This can be part of your bridal party gift or just an added bonus.
  6. Wedding day music playlist. Set the tone right from the start for a fun day, opt for music from your teens or some instrumental techno, it’s a thing, see the Brain Food station on Spotify.
  7. Give up control. By giving your maid of honor/bridesmaids a copy of the timeline they can help remind whoever is queued up next for hair or makeup. I suggest adding to your timeline when your gals should be dressed and when they will be taking pictures with you, then they’ll know!
  8. Read. If you and your fiance opted to write one another wedding day cards, open and read yours right after hair and makeup but before you get dressed.
  9. Relax. Yes, don’t forget to breathe and take it all in. Give yourself a 5-minute breather before pictures start, even before you get dressed. Be in the moment because this day is going to fly by!

Want some of these moments captured? Having coverage for the entire morning isn’t absolutely required, but, if you have a lot of precious moments, you might want to just go for it and opt for full day packages from your photographer and/or videographer. Be sure to communicate which things you want to be captured with them so that you can create a timeline that allows for all of this. Getting ready for your wedding is going to be a blast! Implement these tips and get ready to get married!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


April 9, 2018

If you have friends who are in the same autopilot life stages as you are, then, for some socio-cultural reason, you all are getting married this year. And since summer has the best chances of not including rain, your summer plans are going to include a lot of nuptial celebrations.

Lucky you, because you get to frolic nearly every Saturday for the next three to five months in uncomfortable heels, a dress that may or may not show too much skin when you “get low, low, low, low,” and all of this, amongst a crowd that is 86% strangers.


Besides reserving your judgment for after you get home, and aside from not playing the comparison game, “well the purple we chose isn’t such a grape purple...” here are six ways to survive a summer full of weddings:

1. Beat the heat. Look at the weather forecast, even if you think it’s always wrong. The best way to dampen the mood is with your never-ending stream of body sweat. Yuck. So look ahead, know what to wear, and be prepared: with deodorant and a shawl (you never know when a ceremony will be a bit over-air conditioned or it just happens to be a day when it hails).

2. Spice things up. If you’ve just got a ton of weddings this summer, make things interesting. Decide to buy the bride and groom a specialty drink, or make the same toast each time (it’ll have to be at your table, you probably won’t rate microphone use), or pick a theme for wedding gifts - like kitchen items, framed Benjamins, or baskets full of personalized goodies. That way at each wedding something that you do, or are bringing, will keep you interested and excited. And if that fails, well, maybe I could go in your place?

3. Don’t be a critic. I know it’s easy to be judgy. I’m a girl, of course, I know this. If you, yourself, are getting married, you’re like "oh, I’m not doing that because..." And if you are already married, you’re like "oh, I had this instead of that because..." And if you’re not married and not getting married, but just form opinions independently of others, you’re like "oh, the bars not open yet?" Ha. You know I’m right.

Now that we got it out of our system, let’s try to be less judgemental while attending the love celebration of our dear friends, the most important day of their life. Just think about an event that you’ve planned, that you cherish, with the people you love, and that you enjoy being around; and then you overhear someone scoffing at a wedding detail that you love terribly. Bummer, right? So, just be mindful and don’t be a negative nancy. Focus on the positive: a free meal and a chance for fun. The rest can be talked about later, like when you get home and are away from the happy couple.

4. Ask to be involved in a small way. That way you can also get excited about this event. IF you’re not in the wedding party, there’s always usher, or personal attendant, reader or greeter. But be sure you’re actually helping and not hindering.

5. Go with someone different each time. That is, if it’s okay with the spouse you may or may not have. Going with someone else is just an excuse to hang out with a friend (or your mom) and experience a free meal and fun with different people in your life! Groovy.

6. Celebrate, like really, really, celebrate. It is a party after all. Put on your big girl panties/Spanx, slap on some lipstick, and have a great fricken time! If you are really and truly sick of weddings, then go but leave early, like right after the first dance. Because no one wants to have a sourpuss at their wedding, stomping on their best day ever, unless stomping is a new dance move like the #wobble (what is that anyways?).

In the nicest way possible, don’t be jerk and rain on their parade. Suck it up (it being another cocktail through a fancy gold bendy straw), put on that damn new dress and have fun. It is a party after all!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


April 2, 2018

You’ve selected colors for your wedding, coral and gray, or navy and gold, and you know that these colors will dictate your wedding party attire and the flowers in your bouquet or boutonniere, but there’s a lot of opportunity for applying your wedding colors to your big day.

Narrowing down to just two colors (plus an accent) can be tough, but will greatly contribute to the design and cohesion of your decor. Try using your wedding colors in these five ways:


Right away I know you’re thinking of getting table linen in your wedding color, like floor-length navy or a gold sequin overlay. If you’re on a budget, however, there are other ways to incorporate your wedding colors that might stretch your dollar further.

White, cream/ivory and black linen are usually provided by the caterer at no extra cost. I always suggest that you should 100% take them up on that offer. Instead of spending an extra $15 per table for a punch of color, opt for napkins in your wedding color.

What about chairs? What about chairs?! People will be sitting in them, and I feel like if the budget is stretched thin, opting for chair covers and/or sashes isn’t going to be the best option. Even if it does add a punch of color.

Having your table centerpiece, floral or not, with your wedding colors incorporated is always a must. Think about your table number on colored paper and maybe even the menu or the place cards. The table is a great place to add textures, like using bamboo chargers or tree slice table numbers.


Besides the stationery on the table, you’ll have other places that require signage. Think about the programs and the menus, things that guests will hold and look at. Also think about the bar menus and your escort cards, which need to be instructional, so don’t overwhelm these with color. Simplicity is Queen.

If you have a certain element, like a wreath or a flower, that was the focal point of your invitation, make sure to repeat that motif in your day-of stationary. While technically not stationery, don’t forget you have the option of adding customized cocktail napkins or coasters to the mix. This is a great place to use your primary and accent colors.


Bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres are usually complemented with greenery, but green might not be part of your wedding color palette. That’s okay. Seriously, nature can’t be helped. Be open to the idea of highlighting just one wedding color in your floral arrangements and then incorporating flowers that you like to fill it out. Check out my Pinterest board for more floral inspiration.


Bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen ties come in practically every color. You can have your party wear the same exact color, wear attire that is close to your color, or wear multiple colors. Either way, just remember that a lot of your pictures will include those people and your flowers. Make sure they are complementary.


Besides your tables and flowers think about larger installations like an arbor for your ceremony, lanterns, or ceiling draping. While you can find these things in bright pops of colors, think about sticking to neutrals, white lanterns or taupe ceiling draping, and then use your flowers for the pops of color.

How are you using your wedding colors in your wedding design? I’d love to know!

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,


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