Think Outside the Box

Texture is no longer limited to one area either; it can be incorporated in multiple ways in one event. Thinking outside the box is important in this trend, and we are seeing texture everywhere from linens, place settings, and invitations to ceremonial decoration pieces, cakes, and living bars. At Simply Elegant, we have seen our couples incorporate wood, marble, plants, pottery, taffeta, velum, and moss into their decor. When it comes to linens and place settings, it is so easy to layer different types and textures on top of each other to create a unique tablescape. With linens, we have seen clients pair sparkling taffeta over single colored linens, creating more dimension on the table. Place settings are also a great way to incorporate mis-matching plates and flatware for a creative look; think mutil-colored goblets, printed salad plate stacked on a bold-colored dinner plate, both on a clear glass charger that has detailed edging with metallic paint or creative 3D design. Pair these things with untraditional gold flatware, and you have a tablescape that draws the eye and adds an interesting component to the overall look of the table.

Cakes are also a fantastic way to add dimensional texture; long gone are the days of the traditional tiered wedding cake. Clients are becoming more and more creative with cake elements, even opting out of cakes altogether and using different types of desserts. It is easy these days for dessert and catering vendors to create dessert elements that add texture, like ribbon-iced cakes, using live plants as cake and dessert decorations, and incorporating multi-level displays for non-traditional desserts like donuts or cupcakes. Another way to add dimension to client decor is the use of plants for a ceremonial arch or a “living bar” which uses different types of plants and foliage, along with greenery, that are planted in varying heights and textures of pots. Ceremonial arches can be made completely out of flowers, or incorporate more of a “nature” feel with greenery and branches. These types of textured elements create a focal point that will wow wedding guests, and allow clients to incorporate more textured elements throughout their decor.

There are so many wonderfully unique items that can be used as decor that will elevate the overall look and feel of your client’s wedding, and create dimension in areas that are not traditionally used.