August 2018

August 27, 2018

All About The Groom Series | Fashion Foward, Pocket Squares

When purchasing or renting groom's attire, there is more to the look than a jacket, pants and shirt! Adding personality is a must! There are several ways to accomplish this, but this week we're chatting about pocket squares! 

Pocket squares a, quite simply, a square of fabric that is added to the pocket of your tux or suit jacket. 

Pocket squares offer the perfect complement to fun neckwear.  Oftentimes we (Savvi Formalwear) will create a two- or three-tonal look by combining more than one pocket square in the breast pocket.  With “Pocket Square Origami” you can get a variety of unique looks that complement the colors of the wedding party.  

Marina Village Conference Center

In addition, there are a wide variety of pocket squares available for purchase that introduce many unique combinations of pattern and color.

Marina Village Conference Center 

You can also get creative with fold shapes! From Christmas Trees to Clamshells (above) to Florals (below), there are a ton of options to add a little extra personality! Marina Village Conference Center

Check out our first post of the series about bow ties here!  Special thanks to Savvi Formalwear for providing their expertise! As always, they are on point with the latest groom's fashions! 

August 24, 2018

All About The Groom Series |

Fashion Foward, Bow Tie! 

We recently sat down with the team at Savvi Formalwear to discuss the latest trends in Groom's fashion. In our opinion, this is an under-recognized element of the wedding day that deserves more attention! What the groom & groomsmen wear matters! It is the other half of a complete look and needs to coordinate & stand out from their sweetie's look! 

The Bow Tie is back!

Okay, so maybe it never went anywhere. But the newest options give it a fresh look that can be as formal or fun as you like!

Marina Village Conference Center Express yourself with a wide choice of patterns in bow ties today. From polka dots to plaids to paisleys, the sky is the limit. With the popularity of three-piece tuxedos and suits (the vest matches the jacket & pants), the bow tie (and pocket square- more on that next post) offer the perfect opportunity to compliment the colors of the wedding party and express your personality.

Marina Village Conference Center

Stop by the Savvi booth at the next Wedding Fair, follow them on Instagram and see their full inventory on their website too! 

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