September 2018

September 11, 2018

Planning for a Consultation for Men’s Attire

There are a ton of resources out there to help women prepare for the big day, but the pickings are slim for the groom! In order to help you better prepare for the menswear consultation, we sat down with Savvi Formalwear to get a few tips to ensure your appointment is successful! 

  • Discuss with your fiancÚ the overall look of your wedding.  Are there certain colors that you are interested in incorporating?  Is there a level of formality or theme that you are interested in accomplishing?

  • Are you interested in tuxedos or tailored suits?  Are you interested in renting or purchasing these ensembles?  Your specialist will be happy to walk you through your options, explaining the differences between a tuxedo and suit options.

  • Discuss the wedding party; who is the Best man? The Groomsmen?  Ushers?

  • Will the dads and grandfathers be dressed to complement the wedding party?

  • It is best to visit your specialist for a minimum of 90-days prior to your wedding.  This will allow time for a “Free-view,” in case you would like to see yourself in the ensemble you selected prior to making a final decision.

  • Your Wedding Registration includes the names and addresses of both partners, the names of those standing up in the wedding and the styles you have selected for the entire group.

  • It is recommended that the members of your party begin getting fitted as soon as you have completed a wedding registration.  You definitely want everyone fitted no less than 30-days prior to your wedding.

September 10, 2018

Men's Footwear

The choice of footwear for men may seem a bit less plentiful than for women, but we assure you there are still plenty of options.  

Men's wedding day footwear from Savvi Formalwear

According to Savvi Formalwear "Cognac is the color of choice for many of today’s wedding parties.  This light shade of brown is a hit with a wide array of shades in both Grey and Blue tuxedos and suits.   The round toe shoe is still the fashion leader. However, the height of the toe box has been reduced to create a sleeker overall look.  While Cognac is “hot,” Black will never go away and continues to be a perfectly acceptable option."

Minneapolis Men's Formalwear Shop

Our tips for choosing the best footwear option for you is simple- bring a few options along with you to your consult OR ask your stylist to make some suggestions.  Try on for color, then narrow down by style and fit. Your shoes need to be comfortable and good looking. After all, you're planning to throw an amazing dance party, right? You likely won't have the luxury of kicking off your shoes on the big day.  So fall in love with your footwear! It's a worthwhile investment- we promise! 

Savvi Formalwear Mpls

September 7, 2018

Boho Wedding Vibes

Marina Village Conference Center

"Boho" has been a trending word for the last few years, but in all reality, boho just means a free and flowy style. For women, it means casual, loose clothing that is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s.  For mean, it's a bit more about color/pattern, fabric choices and fit. 

We believe people are drawn to "boho" because it gives them more freedom and flexibility to express their personal style. Quite a few fashion choices are thrown into the boho category for lack of a better "place". 

So, if this fits YOUR wedding day, know this... "All rules are off! The men’s attire can vary greatly, but the Groom most often wants to dress in such a way to honor his beautiful bride on their wedding day. This would often translate to a British Tan or Navy Blue Wedding Suit. Consider using a tweed vest and tie to create that rustic, layered look." 

Thanks to the team at Savvi Formalwear for weighing in on this popular groom's style choice! 

Marina Village Conference Center

September 6, 2018

Classic Groomswear Choices for Minnesota Wedding Day

Marina Village Conference Center

The one thing that will always be in style for your wedding can't be seen- it has to be felt. Your love with your partner is what the big day is all about. BUT, if you want to look back on the big day with fond memories and great "forever awesome" photos, the choice for a timeless, classic wedding can't be denied. 

However, there is still room in the "classic" category for modern updates that WILL make you feel like your wedding was part of this century (but won't make you cringe in 50 years. Ehhem, we're looking at you ruffled shirts). 

A classic wedding can still provide an updated and contemporary options for the men in your party.  “Classic” calls for a black notch tuxedo in either modern or slim fit. Complimented by neutral accessories and a classic hand-knotted bow tie. The men should all match one another, with the exception of the groom selecting accessories to compliment his bride’s gown.

We love all of the examples below, provided by Savvi Formalwear! You can see many of the most classic and modern options up close and personal at The Wedding Fair's Fashion Show (which is included with your ticket purchase, #winning)! 

Marina Village Conference Center men's black tux timeless groomswear choices classic attire for the groom classic groomswear

September 4, 2018

Fun & Funky Groom + Groomsmen Socks

GROOM'S ACCESSORIES- colorful, patterned socks

It’s your wedding day, let’s make it fun! 

Over the recent years, one of the styles that seems to be sticking is fun, unique or personal SOCKS for the groom & groomsmen (don't forget the Fathers either)! You have, no doubt, seen the photos with the crew of groomsmen hiking up their pant leg to show off their fancy footwear. 

Don't deny the power of a well constructed and designed sock! They will accentuate your shoes, enhance your comfort level and add a really great pop of personality. There is nothing wrong with a plain ole navy or black pair. BUT why not consider having the guys wear some of the fun patterned socks currently available in a wide variety of colors.

As the men stand posed for a formal photograph the hem of their trousers rests at the top of their shoes, but once they start to move, the splash of color jumps from their ankles.  It is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Socks can tie in with the what the ladies are wearing or help create a cohesive look with the theme or color choice of the day. Match your socks with your tie or vest pattern- or go totally rouge and opt for a funky pattern in wild colors. Your footwear is your freedom! 

Savvi Formalwear sent us some of their favorites, which you can see below! 

GROOM'S ACCESSORIES- colorful, patterned socks GROOM'S ACCESSORIES- colorful, patterned socks GROOM'S ACCESSORIES- colorful, patterned socks GROOM'S ACCESSORIES- colorful, patterned socks

September 2, 2018


Marina Village Conference Center

Not only are suspenders super fun, but they're super functional too! However, gone are the days where suspenders are only about function. They're about fashion too! 

Traditionally, suspenders should be worn by any of the men dressed in a tuxedo.  This allows them to dress at the beginning of the day and forget about where their trousers are riding for the balance of the day.  However, they're now a popular choice for suits and less traditional formalwear options. They work great for just about all pant styles and for some, are now are the only "outwear" choice (coupes are ditching the jacket). 

Traditionally, you'll find that black or white suspenders are included with a typical tuxedo rental. But today, colored suspenders offer yet another way to compliment the colors of the wedding party.  Suspenders are available to match or compliment every tie in stock at Savvi Formalwear (how great is that?!). 

This classic, timeless grom + groomsmen accessory is a no-brainer for traditional weddings, but work great for the boho and rustic style couples too! A versatile and functional fashion choice is always a winner in our book! 

September 1, 2018

Studs and Cuff Links

Marina Village Conference Center

One of the quickest and easiest ways to personalize the groom's attire is through a cufflink or stud! This simple accessory comes in an endless variety of options and will be something that can be worn again and again! 

"Studs and cuff links are the jewelry worn with a formal shirt.  This is the primary difference between a formal shirt and a men’s dress shirt.  The studs are buttoned through the center placket, creating a fancy appearance down the front of the shirt.  This is complemented by the cufflinks, visible on both cuffs. This jewelry is available in a variety of finishes; commonly either gold or silver with onyx or Mother of Pearl stones."

Our friends at Savvi Formalwear have an incredible selection to choose from! Be sure to stop by a store to check them out! Below are a few pairings their team put together for your pinning pleasure!  

Cufflinks for weddings wedding day attire for the groom wedding day accessories for the groom groom's accessories formalwear in mn Minnesota formalwear menswear in Minneapolis

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