Why the Bridal Expo Works

Exhibiting your business in the Wichita Bridal Expo is, first and foremost, an economical way to advertise your business and have direct contact with brides and others planning events that are interested in your products or services.

Top 5 Reasons to Participate in the Wichita Bridal Expo

1. Brides get to meet you! We are the largest bridal fair in the state of Kansas. For more than 20 years, the Wichita Bridal Expo has been bringing motivated brides right to your booth. You can deliver your message directly, get feedback and answer questions on the spot. You get to make a meaningful connection and establish trust during your first contact with her. This face-to-face experience cannot be achieved with any other form of advertising.

2. We make a massive investment in marketing so you don't have to. You reap the benefits of our multi-media marketing campaigns in platforms such as wedding planning websites, social media, targeted Facebook ads, billboards, radio and more.

  • In 28 days in July, our Facebook posts reached almost 143,000 people
  • In just 3 months (May-July 2015), the videos on our Facebook page were viewed more than 2,800 times
  • In just 3 months (May-July 2015), our web page was visited more than 39,500 times

3. No other marketing opportunity can provide this much targeted exposure for such a reasonable investment. It would take weeks or months to reach the hundreds of brides our show can bring you in a single day.

  • From July 1 st -30 th , we reached almost 123,000 targeted people through Facebook Ads

4. You will receive a comprehensive database of registered brides making it easy for you to follow up and track your leads. The list will be emailed to you within one week of the end of the Expo.

5. Our show is the ultimate opportunity to network with other local wedding professionals and establish credibility with your peers in the wedding community. The bridal and event community thrives by word of mouth recommendations via networking with one another. This is the best time to expand you business connections and develop those connections.

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